Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Irish Red Ale

This beer went on tap this week, and I'm satisfied even though I changed the recipe too much.

It finished out at 6.2% ABV and roughly 44 IBU's, but the IBU's may be a little off. The Northern Brewer hops I used for bittering I have had since before Gabe was born (they were stored in a zip lock in the freezer), but I still think that there was some alpha acid degradation. The overall presence in this Irish Red is a caramel malt aroma and flavor, with slight diacytel (butterscotch flavor). The roasted malt dry finish was absent, but I reduced the level of roast of the roasted barley that went into this beer.

My overall impression with this one is that it is a lot closer to the BJCP style guideline for a Irish Red but nowhere near my previous award winning batches, but still a great beer!

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