Thursday, December 5, 2013

Irish Red

This beer is back after a very, very long absence. I brewed a partial mash version this time around. This was the first beer that I fermented exclusively in glass carboys. Actually seeing the fermentation was awesome, although the glass fermenter when full was considerably more heavy.

With this batch I adjusted the grain bill by changing the Roasted Barley from a 500°L to a 300°L and adding some CaraPils to the mini-mash. The recipe is as follows:

7.5 lbs Light LME
2 lbs 20°L Crystal Malt
8 oz 10°L Munich Malt
8 oz CaraPils
8 oz 300°L Roasted Barley
2 oz Northern Brewer
1 oz Fuggles
.25 oz Irish Moss
1 tsp. Gypsum
Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

Steeping the grain!


3 bowls of hops went into this beer and
one actual bowl!

The beauty of glass!

Kegging = no more bottles ever.f it can't be
kegged I'm not brewing it!

Great color!
I primed it with corn sugar this time around. I can't seem to get the force carbonating to work properly. Oh well I'll lose a pint in a half, but for properly carbonated beer it will be worth it!

It should be ready right in time for Christmas. I think I better make another batch, because I don't see this beer making it past New Years Eve!