Monday, May 23, 2011

Bottling 2 Batches and Brewing the K.C. Wheat

We bottled 2 batches of beer on Saturday, the Honey Wheat and the Irish Red Ale. All together they equaled 96 twelve ounce bottles and 4 twenty-two ounce bottles. Add those to the 44  twelve ounce bottles of the Northwest IPA and we have 144 bottles of beer, not counting the 5 gallons of wheat that was made on Saturday as well.

We also made a Boulevard Wheat Beer clone. I was brewing and bottling on about 4 hours of sleep. The only mistake made during that time was a hop addition about 25 minutes too early. It should make it a tad bit more bitter than the beer we were aiming for.

We also sent two of the previously bottled beers, the Northwest IPA and the Irish Red Ale, to a homebrew competition in Bend, Or. The competition is in the beginning of June. I have a good feeling that both beers should place in their respectful categories. I post an update after the competition to tell how the beers did, as well as what the judges thought.