Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brewing Again!

Well this weekend after a five month hiatus (busy being a new parent), I will be brewing two extract brews, a Sasquatch Red Ale and a Oregon State Park IPA(OSPA). Both of these will be themed around the Pacific Northwest. Both beers will be using Wyeast, they are located in Hood River, Or.

The Sasquatch Red should have an abv of 6% and around 65 IBU's. I'm using Northern Brewer as my bittering hop and switching it up with Willamette finishing hops instead of the normal English Fuggles I go with. I've decided to call this one Sasquatch because a typical Irish red only has an IBU rating of about 20, and since this one more than triples that the name should only fit!
The OSPA will be a test batch, I normally use Magnum and Simcoe in my IPAs but the Simcoe were hard to come by this year, so I am switching up the hop profile. It will now have Northern Brewer, Cascade, and Willamette. With the hop character profiles of these three hops I'm really trying to put "The Oregon Outdoors" into this one. We should have an evergreen/woodsy flavor from the Northern Brewer and the Willamette and a floral citrus from the Cascade. The Crystal and the Munich malts will round it out nicely.I have calculated the IBUs on this one to be about 95 and th abv to be about 6.2%.

Oregon has inspired a lot of my brewing aspirations and it seems only fair that I should pay tribute. In fact I will be naming all my beers with Oregon in mind. Coming this summer MT. Hood Hefeweizen and/or Willamette Wheat!